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Clinical Pilates – Physiotherapy Exercise

Are you wanting to get back into exercise, but are unable due to injuries and/ or pain? At Body Rhythm Physiotherapy we  offer group physiotherapy exercise classes at our Beechboro Clinic where we have a brand new gym with specialised Pilates equipment to either get you started into exercise or to safely rehabilitate a previous injury.

Pilates based exercises have been proven in the research to be beneficial for all injuries such as low back pain, neck, shoulder, hip, and all other lower and upper limb joints. Not only does it provide pain relief and rehabilitation of injuries but research has also shown to improve the quality of your sleep and quality of life.

Our group exercise classes incorporate Pilates based exercises tailored exactly to your needs and your capabilities.  You will be prescribed different exercises targeting your strength, control and flexibility and taken through the use of equipment such as our Pilates Reformers and Trapeze Table.

Classes will consist of 3-4 clients with one physiotherapist, however exercises involved will be tailored to individual abilities, injury history and goals within the class and you will be progressed at your own pace. What better way to exercise then with your physiotherapist present making sure you are doing everything the right way! We now have both morning and afternoon/ evening classes for your convenience.


Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in physiotherapy exercise classes! Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury, strengthen your core or improve your posture, our exercise programs are individually designed by staff at Body Rhythm Physiotherapy to help you achieve your goals.

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What to expect?

Before commencing your first group exercise session your physiotherapist will carry out an individual assessment to understand your injury history, current fitness level and goals. At Body Rhythm Physiotherapy, we may use Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUI) to assess and ensure that you are engaging the correct muscles before you begin your first session. By doing so, it ensures you are performing exercises safely with correct technique and form.

A specific and individual program will then be developed to suit your body and your goals. You will be progressed through different exercises on the mat, the Pilates Reformer and the Pilates Trapeze Table throughout the program to continually improve your strength, flexibility, posture and balance.

How long does each class last for?

Classes run for 1 hour.

What to bring?

Socks, towel and a water bottle.

Private Health Funds

Physiotherapy exercise classes are part of physiotherapy treatment and can be claimed through your private health fund.

If you are interested in attending a physiotherapy exercise class, please contact our staff at Beechboro physio

No prior training or exercise experience is required so why not come and give it a go to see what it is all about!


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